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In line with heightened community awareness of the principles of sustainable development, Pipe King is committed to playing an active part in ensuring that the environmental impact of plastic pipeline systems meets or exceeds both community and legislative standards.

An active proponent of the PVC industry's Product Stewardship Program covering a wide range of environmental issues; Pipe King is committed to both reducing energy usage in our manufacturing processes as well as reducing waste of finished product.

Pipe King Pipe and Fittings comply with "Best Practice Guidelines for PVC in the Built Environment" (developed by the Green Building Council of Australia) which include rigid minimum compliance requirements for many aspects of the PVC supply chain; including PVC resin production and life-cycle management; specifically re-cycling.

Additionally, Pipe King has long been at the forefront of work on eliminating potentially harmful materials to the environment from PVC formulations, and no pipe products contain any mercury, lead of cadmium based compounds.

For the latest information on continued efforts to ensure the low impact on the environment of PVC Pipe and Fittings visit PIPA at www.pipa.com.au.

For information on GREEN STAR read here.

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